General Information

When will my reservation be confirmed?  

Your reservation will be confirmed when we receive your contract and your deposit of 50% of the total rental cost.

How much does it cost to rent the venue? 

 Rates vary depending upon the  day of the week, the space needed for your event, and the type of event. Please click on the Rate menu to view rates for weddings and events. Please call us to review in detail or if you need Sunday or 2020 rates.

How do I obtain a contract? 

We have separate contracts for weddings and events. Please click on the Rate menu option and choose your type of event and the year.  A button to download a contract is available at the bottom of each page. Call us to obtain a 2020 contract.

Where do I mail the signed contract and deposit check? 

Mail your signed contract and deposit check to PO Box 1856, Oxford, MS 38655.

When is the final payment due? 

The final payment is due 30 days before the event. Mail your payment to PO Box 1856, Oxford, MS 38655.  The final payment includes the Security/Damage deposit, bar service fees, and the balance due after the deposit was paid.

May I use a credit card for payment?

Yes, you may use a credit card, but there is an added convenience fee.  The fee is 2.75% if the card is swiped in person on our credit card reader or 3.5% if the card number is given to us by phone.

How Do i obtain a layout of the building?

Click here to download the Floorplan. 

When may I have access to the building on the day of my rental? 

For weddings, you may have access to the building at 9:00 am.  For events other than a wedding, you may have access to the building at 9:00 a.m. or at 4:00 p.m. on the day of the event depending upon the time and the associated access fee that you have chosen. For evening events with simple decor,  a 4 p.m. access time may be adequate.  For events with more elaborate decorations, you may want to choose a 9 a.m. access time. For 9:00 a.m. access for an evening event, the fee is $500 (for weddings, this fee is already built into the venue rate).  For 4:00 p.m. access for an evening event, the fee is $250.  For daytime events, please talk directly with our venue manager as the fees are adjusted based on the length of your event. If you desire to begin decorating on the prior day and the venue is not rented for a different event, then the building can be rented for the prior day for a nominal amount.  

Are tables, chairs, and linens included in the price? 

Beginning September 1, 2018, rental of our venue includes use of thirteen 60" round tables, ten 30" bistro tables, 102 basic black poly chairs, three 8 ft buffet tables, and black polyester table cloths for the  tables. If you desire different or additional chairs, linens, or tables for your event, we do have companies we can refer you to in the local area.  Click here to download our preferred vendor list.

When is my damage deposit returned? 

If there is no damage from your event, your $1000 damage deposit will be returned within 10 days after the event.  If you have bar service at your event and there is no damage to the building, then your damage deposit will be applied towards your bar bill.

At what time of the day must the building be vacated on the day of my rental? 

On all nights except Sunday, the bar must close no later than 1:00 a.m. and an event end at the same time.  On Sunday, the bar closes no later than 9:00 p.m.  Our bar operating hours match Oxford's Code of Ordinances.

What clean-up is required?  

Caterers/Providers must restore the Venue to its original condition (broom clean).  Surfaces should be wiped clean.  All food, beverages, refuse (trash, waste, recycling), decorations, and equipment must be removed from the premises immediately following the event.  

When MAY the party rental company drop off and pick up tables and chairs?

We work closely with the local party rental companies to coordinate the drop off and pick up of tables and chairs for your event.  If there is no event the prior day, then we allow the drop off and set up of tables and chairs the  prior day.  However, if decorating of the building is desired on the prior day and the building is not rented for another event, then the building can be rented for a nominal amount.  Otherwise, no decorating is allowed on the prior day. If no event is scheduled for the day after your event, then we coordinate with the party rental company for pickup during regular business hours.

is day of insurance required?

Our venue has its own general liability and alcohol liability insurance policies.  However, a certificate of insurance is still required for all events.  If no alcoholic beverages are being served, then a general liability policy of $1,000,000.00 is required. If alcoholic beverages are being served, then a general liability policy that includes Host Liquor liability in the amount of  $2,000,000 is required. Copies of the policy must be provided to venue manager 30 days before the event.  Policies can be obtained from your local insurance agent or from websites like  

what sound equipment is provided by the venue?

The Venue’s sound system includes a basic microphone and mounted speakers appropriate for wedding toasts or speeches.  The Venue’s sound system is not appropriate for use with DJs or Bands.  

Is there a TV or projection screen in the building?

There is a 65" Samsung Smart TV on a rolling stand in the Groom's room. This TV has connections for a USB drive or HDMI cable and live TV service through Hulu LIVE (includes sports channels ESPN, ESPN2, CBS Sports, Fox Sports, and more).  In addition to use in the Groom's Room, this TV with rolling stand is available for use (at no charge) for business meetings or rehearsal dinners.   The conference room, which adjoins the Bridal Room,  has a 58" Samsung Smart TV mounted on the wall.  This TV also has service through Hulu LIVE. 

may i have fireworks during my event?

Yes.  Fireworks over the lake are allowed but the firework show must end before 10 p.m. Fireworks on New Year's Eve and 4th of July must end at midnight.  Speak with the venue manager about the specific company that we work with and the safety requirements.  Bands are not allowed to use artificial smoke devices or any type of pyrotechnics inside of the venue.

are there decorating restrictions?

No glitter, confetti, rice, or birdseed are allowed inside or outside of the venue.  Ice sculptures are allowed on the covered porch but are not allowed inside the venue.  No decorations may be hung from the chandeliers in the Grand Hall.  Candles must be contained or enclosed in glass.  The flame must not reach higher than two inches below the top of the glass. No nails, tacks, glue, tape, staples, putty, screws or other materials that are used for adhering items to wall surfaces, floors, or ceilings are allowed without prior approval of the venue manager.

May i bring in my own alcoholic beverages?

Per Mississippi Law, no Alcoholic beverages will be allowed within The Jefferson and adjacent areas, except when furnished by The Jefferson. 

Who do i contact to plan the bar for my event?

For all events that occur after September 1, 2018, Lisa Mills, our venue manager, will assist you in bar planning.  This includes the bar during your event, refreshments needed for the band, and drinks for the bridal party before the ceremony.  No outside alcoholic beverages are allowed in the band room, groom's room,  or bride's room.  

Transportation and Parking

Is the location accessible for buses? 

The Jefferson has a spacious driveway that can accommodate buses and provides a place for buses to turn around. 

How many cars will fit in the parking area?  

We have expanded our parking lot and more than 650 cars will fit in our parking area if parking attendants are used to maximize utilization of the parking lot.  Parking attendants are available through Cobra  Security at an additional cost. We also have an overflow parking lot that will hold an additional 500 cars.

Is there a spot for valet parking? 

The porte-cochère at the The Jefferson's main entrance is the perfect place for valet parking. Cobra Security provides Valet Attendants.  Please call 662.236.2002 to make arrangements.

What is the surface material of the parking load and road?  

The surface material of the parking lot and road is hard-packed gravel. 


Is there a place for the Bride and Bridesmaids to dress?  And the Groom and Groomsmen?

The Jefferson has a wonderful lounge for the Bride and Bridesmaids to get dressed and prepare for the big day.  The conference room is adjacent to the Bride's Room and may be used for serving lunch or snacks.  The room to the north of the stage is available for Groomsmen.  It includes a sofa, love seat, and recliner with a  restroom nearby.  Rooms for the Bridal Party are included with any rental.  Both rooms have large screen Samsung Smart TVs and provide access to sports and news channels through Hulu Live.

Is there a place for an outdoor ceremony?  

We have a patio and lawn that overlook an 8-acre lake on the south side of the building that offers a beautiful setting for an outdoor wedding.  Use of the lawn is included with the rental of the entire building.  For partial rentals of the building, there is an additional $500 fee for  an outside ceremony or outside activities.  There is no extra charge for use of the porch and outside sidewalks and benches.  These are included in all rentals. 

What's the best interior space for a wedding?  

There are three rooms in The Jefferson that work well for weddings depending upon the number of guest invited to your ceremony.  The Lakeside room can seat up to 300 people depending upon seating configuration while the Grand Hall can seat 700 to 930. The Faulkner room can seat 175.  For larger weddings, brides have used the Lakeside Room for the ceremony, the Faulkner room and Porch for the reception, and the Grand Hall for dinner and dancing.   For one wedding with more than 500 guests,  an audio feed of the wedding was installed from the Lakeside Room to the Grand Hall so that once the ceremony seating was filled in the Lakeside Room, guests could listen to the ceremony from the Grand Hall while enjoying refreshments.

When do I have to have decorations removed from the building? 

The decorations and flowers must be removed from the building the night of the event.  We will coordinate with the local party rental companies to arrange for the pick up time of tables and chairs.  If you would like to donate your flowers to a local non-profit, we can help make arrangements for the flowers to be picked up the day after your event. 

What materials May i use for my send-off?

Sparklers are allowed but distribution and lighting must be managed by our venue manager and security personnel.  Rosemary and rose petals are allowed but may result in a small deduction of the damage deposit if significant clean-up is required. Confetti, glitter, birdseed, and rice are not allowed.


If the venue is not reserved for another event, then, yes, you may rent the venue for a nominal fee for your rehearsal dinner.  The fee is based on the room that you choose for the rehearsal dinner and the length of time of the event. Please speak with our venue manager for more details.

What is the best time of day for an outdoors ceremony?

We suggest that you work with your photographer and wedding planner to determine the best time of day for your outside ceremony.  Our venue manager can provide details about times that have been chosen by other brides.

May I Include my dog be in my ceremony?

Well-behaved, escorted dogs are allowed in the venue during the ceremony.  For the comfort of your pet and other guests, you will need to make arrangements for your dog to be escorted off the premises following the ceremony. If you plan to include your pet in the ceremony, please discuss this with our venue manager a week before the wedding.


Which catering company may I use? 

The Jefferson has five preferred caterers:  Elizabeth Heiskell Catering, My Michelle's, A&N Catering, Taylor Grocery, & Main Event. Click here to download our preferred list of vendors. Caterers not on the preferred list must be pre approved by the venue manager and that caterer's certification submitted to us 30 days before the event.  Elizabeth Heiskell Catering is now in residence in one of the two kitchens at the Venue. The second kitchen is a basic catering kitchen – no cooking is allowed. 

Is there an outdoor area where a caterer may grill?  

A grill may be brought in by a caterer and used on the cooking patio at the East end of the building.   

What is included in the catering kitchen? 

Counters and a sink are included in the catering kitchens.  Caterers are welcome to bring a grill for use in a designated area outside of the catering kitchen.  Otherwise, all food should be prepared off-site - no cooking is allowed. There is a limited number of electric circuits for warmers and crock pots.


Are security guards required for my event?  

For any event with 50 guests or more, security is mandatory. The Jefferson maintains the right to determine if security is required for parties with less than 50 guests. 

What security companies may I use?  

Security must be contracted through Cobra Security at an additional cost to you. Guards shall be present from the beginning of the event until the last guest leaves.   Please call 662.236.2002 to make arrangements.


Do you have Coat Check?

Yes, we can provide staff for coat check for an additional cost.  For a small event, our coat check closet holds 150 coats.  For larger events, we open  the barn door between the coat check closet and the conference room and use six sturdy rolling racks.  When the conference room and racks are used, we have capacity for more than 500 coats.  We understand that the decision about using coat check is weather driven.  This decision may be made within two days of your event.

May I use candles?

Candles must be contained or enclosed in glass.  The flame must not reach higher than two inches below the top of the glass. 

may bands use artificial smoke devices or any type of pyrotechnics?

Bands are not allowed to use artificial smoke devices or any type of pyrotechnics inside of the venue.

is smoking allowed?

Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the venue, on the porches, and in the parking lot and the areas surrounding the building(s) in the Venue. There is a designated smoking area for the guests on the patio near the lake and for the band near the band entrance.

What is your cancellation policy?

In order to receive a refund of any deposits, a request for cancellation must be received in writing by email or letter no later than 8 months prior to the event.  Cancellations made less than 240 days before the event date will not receive a refund of the Reservation Deposit unless the venue is rebooked for the event date.  In the unlikely event that the cancellation is due to the fault of the venue, then all deposits made are fully refundable.  The only exception is student/Greek events which may be cancelled no later than 90 days before an event.  Based on availability, the venue offers the option to reschedule an event to a new date that is within one-year of the Cancellation Date, and apply all previously received deposits towards the rescheduled event.  The request for the rescheduled event date must be received no later than 30 days following a timely written notice of cancellation.